Kingslite 2601A 10W LED Spotlight

Item No.: 2601
* Super bright 10 Watt LED spotlight
* 3W COB side light +blinking(orange - white optional)
* Equipped with foldable tripod
* USB power bank
* Battery: Li-ion  3.7V 2,400mAh
* Over charge, over discharge, over current protection
* 3 levels of bright


Versatile usage
With the front light and two modes of side lights, this multi - functional light is able to meet your various lighting needs.
You can use it for rescue or outdoor discovery with the front light.
The light on the left side gives brighten white light that suitable in construction site. The second mode of blinking easily helps you to catch others attention during night work. When facing the emergency situations, the removable orange cover on the right side offers additional red light optional to the side light .


Fitted with OSRAM LED, the lamps delivers up to 850 lumens and a far-reaching distance of 600 meters. The excellent performance of the front light supports you sense of safety in outdoor exploring, scavenger hunts, searching and caving.
Two brightness levels of the side light at 170 lumen. You can adjust the mode to better suit your demand. The left side light can lasts up to 5-19 hours on a single charge.


Rechargeable & Power bank function
By adopting two/three qualified lithium-ion batteries of total battery capacity up to 2400/4000/6000mAh, this searchlight can be recharged by USB port, and it takes 3-5 hours to be completed charged.
The power bank feature are convenient for you to charge your smartphone or mobile devices in emergency at any time. Noted that the input and output voltage are both 5V.


Battery indicator light
The red led light on to indicate the charger is working, after fully charging, green led will illuminate.