Kingslite 2189 10W Versatile Lantern

* Spotlight、Camping light、Blinking light
* USB power bank
* Charging led indicator (from red to green)
* Battery level indicator
* Over charge, over discharge & short circuit protection
* Two position of handle & adjustable swivel stand
* Carrying
Camping light & Spotlight & Flashlight

The rechargeable camping light comes with 3 different modes:
First spot mode for searching
Second flood mode for camping lighting
Third blinking mode for emergency cases
Various options deal your needs and expose excellent performance in any occasions.

Supported Power Bank

Y2189 led lantern contains 2*18650 lithium batteries, which can works as a portable power bank. Its ease you to charge mobile phone or other smart devices function brings you convenience and fun where there’s lack of charging equipment.
Convenient To Use

Two kinds of hand-held mode keep you in the best hand-held way at all times. When you are doing outdoor activities, you can use its adjustable swivel stand as a hook to hang light anywhere you want.
High Quality Materials & Waterproof

High intensity engineering ABS,GP and PVC materials, fully enclosed structure, dust proof and waterproof, allows the lantern avoid splashing water at all angles.