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Modern LED Lanterns Why You Need One In Your Home

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Update time : 2020-07-13 16:26:00
Many people still think of lanterns as candles your parents or grandparents used in the dark. Are they no longer useful in today's technologically advanced world? Well, the fact may surprise you but you have to admit that lanterns have changed by times and now are among the most technologically advanced lights on the market.

Why do you need one? Well, since our work and life more and more reply on electricity, it brings big problems when power is out for a period of time. When the power off, you need a soft, comfortable, illuminated light that can light up your entire room or place. In this case, Lanterns, which excel at floodlight, are the best choice for you.

Kingslite multi-function Lantern (KB2601A), is an amazing safety light that we want to introduce to you. It has functioned with a bright spotlight, area light, blinking light and power bank all in one. The spotlight is 850 lumens and has a beam distance of over 400 meters. On the sides of the lantern, the light provides 140 lumens flood light and an unbelievable 8 hours of run time. 110 lumens blinking light with the additional cover, which allows you to change flasher color, perfect for the emergent indication that can run for an incredible 15 hours. KB2601A Lantern can also recharge USB devices such as cell phones and tablets so you’re never out of touch, even in an outage. Compact size with lightweight, various ways to handle by its additional hook on the back and foldable tripod make KB2601A easy to carry and store.

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